MIST Norcal

Muslim Interscholastic Tournament, Northern California


Starting from Houston in 2002, today MIST brings together students from 18 regions across North America and the UK. Now it's also in Northern California.


High school sports and inter-school clubs - such as football, tennis, debate, mock trial, etc. - facilitate three main purposes: connect youth from different schools and communities, help train/exercise a skill-set, and build self-confidence and pride for the school. 

Similarly, our goal is to unite, strengthen, and empower Muslim youth through the interscholastic tournament.


Common goals and purpose help build better ties. Through the tournament, our hope is to have students bond and build stronger relationships - similar to how a soccer team would bond through training and competition - and also help connect Muslim youth students from different schools and community. The competition helps students meet other students from different schools and judges, providing networking opportunities with other Muslim youth and professionals. More importantly, student will better grasp their ties to the community. 


Succeeding in the competition requires preparation and training. The various categories  cover a breadth of topics and subjects. Preparing for the tournament will hone students' intellectual prowess and skills. Our hope is that students will become better thinkers, speakers, writers, and creative individuals. This is an excellent opportunity  to excel and grow.


Separating religion from activities such as sport and scholastic promotes an unhealthy mindset that associates secularism with these activities and religion with only prayer, dhikr, and rituals. The tournament packages competition in math, science, arts, culture, business, and Islam into one MUSLIM interscholastic tournament with accommodations for Muslims (prayer, food, dua, etc.). Our hope is that students will feel empowered by their faith - that their success is in life is connected to their religion.